Ron Nicholl Photography

Ron Nicholl Photography

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Ron Nicholl Photography specializes in Commercial and Industrial Assignments ranging from Alaska’s Arctic to Southern California's Desert and beyond. Ron adheres to the concept that no sites are too remote or too difficult to photograph.

Ron has a diverse background, education and work experience. He was raised in a farming environment, which included homesteading and construction jobs before college. Cameras were always a part of this varied educational process. Prior to obtaining an MBA in finance, Ron had four years of US Coast Guard sea duty in SE Alaska. After graduate school, Ron spent twenty years in the operational and financial aspects of engineering and machine-to-design businesses. Again, a camera was always present recording the machining and manufacturing story. Knowing how things work and what has gone into their manufacture enhanced the ability to photograph parts, assemblies or projects.

The Arctic always intrigued Ron and a few years ago he had the opportunity to help establish the Cape Simpson project for oil exploration and support on the Beaufort Sea, east of Barrow, Alaska. While there in an operational role, Ron was able to photograph the development of the remote site. Other photo assignments have included school construction in the Alaska bush, Arctic logistical operations, as well as urban building construction and even a casino on the Southern California border.

The digital photography evolution has certainly broadened the world of images. Looking back to high school days and the darkroom, where the goal was to produce black and white’s that were too often gray and white to today’s computer image processing with full color capability. For commercial/industrial photography, digital means greater mobility and ease of producing quality images. Throughout all the changes brought about by the digital revolution, the underlying need for commercial photographs is still the ability to compose the photograph to tell the story.

Ron has the working knowledge and understanding needed to capture the photo story needed for your catalogs, brochures, press releases or any graphical needs.